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RIP Satoshi Kon

Rest in Peace
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Happy Elephants

Pen & ink study after Heinrich Kley. Didn't manage to capture the sensitivity and energy in his lines. First time attempting a study with dip pen and ink. There's a big blob of ink I spilled right in the middle but I covered it up with acrylic paint. Luckily I can't be seen in the scan...phew
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Here's a quick sketch painting I did of a friend of mine yesterday while we were out sketching. I used watercolour and white gouache, an ink brush pen and water.
We also finally managed to see the John S. Sargent painting here in Singapore! It was an awesome experience. We spent a tonne of time staring at Sargent's painting, trying to analyze his composition, values, brushwork etc. :D

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Doodle 1 wide + telephoto

Just a doodle today. Something else for class. Marshall wanted us to draw an object with two contrasting proximities, utilizing a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens.
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Figure Study 2

Here's a little study I did today, it's kinda unfinished (hands & feet :X) haha. But I thought I'd share it anyway, just to keep myself in the habit of updating this thing.
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Figure Study + Dad

Ballpoint pen & watercolour in toned sketchbook.
Done from life at our life drawing sessions.
Click link on the side to find out more :) >>>

Something done for class. The assignment was to take a portrait with short-loop light.
This is my dad just after he woke up from a nap haha.

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Test? Dirty dishes...

Unfinished study I did awhile back