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Bouguereau Study
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Temple study

Photo study off flickr
Wonky perspective but Im trying to loosen up when I paint. Pretty tired of doing super rendered stuff.

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mech doodle

Been neglecting this blog for awhile...bigger update soon. Here's a doodle for today...

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Don't you just love it when...

photoshop decides to freeze on you because you have too little startup disk space, and you lose hours of work because there's no way to recover the file if you didn't save :D............ :|
Well...I do have an earlier version saved but when something like this happens...it really puts you off painting..

I managed to screenshot the painting I was working on before I had to force quit PS...

I guess I should see this as a chance to do things even better second time round.
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Chain of Mountains

Study of an Isaac Levitan piece. Not particularly accurate, but I learnt a lot from this.
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We had a lovely Indian model today. Too bad I didn't do her any justice : \
My hand isn't as confident as it used to be...
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Figure Study 10

Today's figure session. We had a really good caucasian model today. She held the pose for 40 - 50 mins sessions without breaks. D: